Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Musix...

Big Waves (2000 Dixit - Mixdown Test1) by puppybordiga

This is one of the mixes from my maxi CD, hope you like it...
Best wishes for everybody :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September... here again, as the song of David Sylvian said. By this time I avoid to sell some things until the last moment, in the regarding of some extra money flux from another source, nowadays under some secret. I'm doing some "undercover" stuff, way to accomodate a bit better the situation in which I'm actually living, so I expect some improvements around these days, hoping the seeds can be harvested soon...

All this "poetry" is just a way to explain that I'm working on my music in brief times on my present status of night worker at my main job, and that I'm using all the ways avalilable at the moment to expand the time possibilities I actually have to do anything (and I MEAN anything), so I'm still in the fight to keep things on the move, and this is the best state that I could reach for now.

In the meantime, the new hardware I get is actually working, if we're lucky next month could see a midi controller pedalboard for it, a couple of new amps, and more... It's just a matter of achieve patience, and hard work...

Cheers! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Winter times...

Hi all,
Fortunately the recovery is going well, I still can't play much but it feels better everyday...
I post my first video on You Tube and Facebook, way to move a bit the things, anyway I'm still unable to go much far because of the resources wasted in my health and the fact that I don't sell nothing of the stuff I previously prepare to be sold. I hope this month could make some difference on my side if I move properly and fast...

I will try to make something good with the music these days, to get out of the delays that seems permanent for moments, it's hard to do it in the actual environment, but we still fight for our projects until one by one of them are completed, safe and sound and rolling the streets!

Puppy :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

An unexpected period

At the end of last month I fell from a table on my job, fracturing one of the wrist bones... So I have to deal with the recovery and try to use the extra non-productive time someway. I'm able to play again since the plaster was removed from there, so I make my best to regain movility and strengh on my fingers and palm.

In the meantime, I use the time to study, finish things in the PC and have total relax as was indicated by the doctors... Some days ago I make an exception and go to the show of my friend Pat, who plays with her band in the Palermo neightborhood, it was a magic night. I hope to finish the recovery soon, and so to return to play again normally and continue the things started earlier on my projects...

Cheers, Puppy

Friday, April 15, 2011

Write what you want

As I said before, you are welcomed to write what you like, this is a space for communication, despite my notes on the move of my projects... Also I'm glad to announce that now I make a little more visible my profile on Facebook, so you can find me more easily, you can let your comments or whatever you like there too..

I wish to thank all those who this later times help me with their support, just with some warm when I need it, as well as some finances when I need to plug holes too, let me say that your efforts will not be forgotten, I'm moving towards the completion of the first edition in order to get the release within the next months... Also I try to make me some more time to add more samples on the music page of the site...

See you anytime! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Is a matter that we can't avoid.
I'm trying to make music anytime I can, but everytime it seems that something else has a higher priority... Actually I'm in the middle of my holydays, have bad luck with one of my teeth, and was forced to spend a lot of time to recover my health, but now I'm back again...

I hope that I can do something good with music in the remaining time, I finally ended my diagnostic on my setup, witch is no good to my desired settings... I have some things to sell now, in order to reorganize it, and putting it in a productive way. Meanwhile I'm trying to get some sound out of it, just to complete things in music and stuff.

It means a delay in publish my music? Yes. But probably now I can set things more straight after that, and have the right sound equations on its place... I don't do simple things, always I try to found new sounds and the broadest palettte of colours available, so I can paint the music as I wish and need.

Also I try to be able to switch between different live music situations, I mean, do symphonic things with the guitar and when needed change to a setup that can puts me right to play in a power trio without the need to switch on/off a dozen of pedals...

Actually I'm working hard on that, I hope I can be able to hit the road with my friends as soon as I can...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tech Issues

Solved the issue with the sound card, now we have to upgrade our instrument setup, in order to provide a good environment at the moment of play the guitar... Tested new pedals, now we are in the road to finish the other personal studio needs, (it means) console, cables, mics, midi controller, software and the rest of the equipment required for recording... I decide finally not to go to a studio by now, unless I can have more rehearsals with my team mates, a thing by the moment very difiicult because of the superimposed holidays... We try to do our best as ever, so I hope we can record at least at the month's end...

Meanwhile, I am looking for younger musicians with a thirst for making music with which to begin forming a new and more stable band with whom to play, and continue to grow. Music is a soul matter, no matter how we do it, or when, or where; so we put our very best on it. More old material will be added to our previously selected.

Cheers, Puppy

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, we start pretty good the year, have a new guitar, a new situation at my job, and possitive things happening all around... I manage myself in order to make more instrument practice, I hope I can be able to record something soon, unfortunally have an inconvinience with my actual hardware, so I'm looking forward for a decent sound card, so I can put on record again my sound system.

It's strange when you put all your energy on something, it seems that not always you can get some feedback of the world... Maybe there's still some friction with someone or something in the system that does not allow you to reach the things you need in the desired time or place... What it could be?
Maybe too much hacking all around...? Who knows, but I think about it that no one have the right to stop or put the pause button on everyone else's evolution... No matter what it could be, it's not a grace to be freaked by aliens into our(s) own self developing path...

...And I'm not talking only about web technology, a lot of people lives more than the half of a day only seeing the way to move their influences over you, or whatever they want to be controlled... Just to satisfy their short-view degree of consciousness. What a pity, isn't it?

Brothers & Sisters: Keep the spirit alive! Don't put a coin of energy on that!

See you soon :) Puppy