Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tech Issues

Solved the issue with the sound card, now we have to upgrade our instrument setup, in order to provide a good environment at the moment of play the guitar... Tested new pedals, now we are in the road to finish the other personal studio needs, (it means) console, cables, mics, midi controller, software and the rest of the equipment required for recording... I decide finally not to go to a studio by now, unless I can have more rehearsals with my team mates, a thing by the moment very difiicult because of the superimposed holidays... We try to do our best as ever, so I hope we can record at least at the month's end...
Meanwhile, I am looking for younger musicians with a thirst for making music with which to begin forming a new and more stable band with whom to play, and continue to grow. Music is a soul matter, no matter how we do it, or when, or where; so we put our very best on it. More old material will be added to our previously selected.
Cheers, Puppy

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