Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2012

Trying to survive in this city, the main work in more trouble than ever, struggling to stay afloat and not sink into the waves of despair, trying to be positive and productive. With the music growing, but still in a too small format, trying to get more company and enlarge the team...

All the best for everyone for this christmas and new year, hope all the best in our life can finally happen, and all of us can be succesful in our projects!
From the heart,


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A few rehearsals barely done, trouble at my main job is increasing, I'm trying to do some music... It seems a new compressed time has come, at least until I could found a new income source... Check with friends to do something related to music these days to prevent selling things unnecesarily... The social environment is like on dense fog, which is also a sea of opportunities, if sight is clear... We try to do our best anytime, anyway...
Cheers and thanx to all who may be interested in this crazy journey :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Managing numbers and time as best as we can, moving the rehearsals from S.I. to B.A., to be more efficient with the time available... No bass until date, eska can't come before end of August due to family issues, but agreed with an old friend to play in her place... Things are in rearranging process, I hope to end with a kicking and alive band at least by september this year, putting some pieces out and other(s) in, to facilitate group learning and interpretation of the songs...

Viewing in perspective, it seems an endless battle, but I know that one can't give up if are trying to make real the path that was choosed, so we put all the energy available to make projects alive and sounding.

Cheers, Puppy

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 2012

A little stucked, but playing with friends to find someone who have enough acquaintance to start some music, from my own project or something else... Must be music anyway!
Also I'm recovering from a little scratch I made at the job. Nowadays I'm going to receive the visit of eSKa Chapman, a friend from NYC who plays great the guitar, unfortunately she only would stay no more than three months, but at least we try to record something this time...
All the best from B.A. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Try to relax but can't do because I was in the tide of a lot social waves, the boys in the previously formed band disbanded, so I'm managing the time to redo some of the previous worked arrangements in the music editing soft, and also managing the way to finally master the few audio recorded. It's time for renewal and get some steps forward. The time of ghosts is gone, now the cards are clean and safe, no more attention to those who try to drag you into their madness... After the shock against the rock bottom of the economy, now we are taking advantage of the rebound wave, so we are in the impulse speed needed to finally stay afloat... All the best for everyone :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Some Feb comments:
Holildays dismember us for weeks, so we made a pause and I take this time to improve my health by doing some visits to the dentist and so... Also we concentrate on raising our income someway, finally selling some stuff already set aside for that, and doing some IT work for others... Using the rehearsing room to play alone or with drummers friends only...
Anyway, doing some good music stuff at the same time, so I'm capitalizing the energy of this period way to improve the groove everyday...


Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new life ...

This is just a news flash...
Many changes since october, the equipment is almost ready, the idea is to record something in March (was going to be in April but was rescheduled ahead), we will see in what conditions, and which musicians, to the live preformances surely will be certain ones (with which I am seeing now) and will be more to the studio ...

At this point in the project we are working on arrangements of the issues we have, among our own songs and versions, and see to move from there, however we know how complicated everything is, we hope that this material has good reception, I know it's pretty eclectic, but that's it ... It will post something on the SoundCloud but then, when things ready.

I send a hug and a big thanks to all who believed in this from the beginning, and all who showed interest in one way or another, they will have more news in this way ...