Monday, May 11, 2015

May 2015 (Bis)

Hi again,
I was rechecking the recent posts and I fall in account that previously I was a little more personal than needed, while the idea of this blog is to be an extension of the website... So I decided to be more focused on music matters rather than in personal issues, everyone has them, and I think that this is not the place for them to voice out. Instead, I decided that my other blog, the one I have in Wordpress (in spanish, I'm sorry), would fill that matter, so if you like a more personal reading go there (you can do it through the links page on the site).

By the way, I also noticed that a sample of the most recent works is missing here, so I left one of the pieces on which we are working nowadays for the forthcoming album "Guitar Works I", I hope you enjoy it:
This is still in pre-demo phase, but it has the elements for having an idea of the musical direction we intended to follow at the moment. We scheduled this work for the next three months to have the final demo and also for live performing, these days we are rehearsing with a musician mate in order to develop a two guitars live set. More news soon.
Best regards,

May 2015

Here I left a preview of the pre-demo of "Life Impressions", despite we are working on "Guitar Works I", we try anyway to put this work afloat, as well as we get more studio hours available for work on it. Sorry for the typical incorrections of an unfinished work :)

I hope to post more music in the forthcoming future, God bless you all, see you soon :)