Monday, September 16, 2013

Views on September

Hi all,

By the side of my band, Zona del Punto Sin Retorno, rehearsals become more intensive, we are adding a lot of new material, so we are working at full gas in reward of live playing opportunities by year's end. We still have the problem of getting a second drummer, due to Danifarar's overseas job schedules, so we are trying to find another one now with certain hurry, so we can finish the working setup for the band. Meanwhile, we are doing some mastering and mixes to the present recordings (a lot more than what we uploaded to SoundCloud and YouTube sites), in order to set up a more or less accurate demo for band management and overall use.

In a personal level, I can't get what most peolpe could call a "normal" job yet, but I'm actually so busy working with the music, that I don't see clearly if really my former industry have room for me, anyway I'm still looking forward for a place inside it... My music projects are actually delayed because of the work I'm doing with the band and other in which I'm related to, for some friends living outside the country; so if everything goes fine, probably by year's end I don't have the need for another job outside the music anymore, so in the time to come, I will put all the energy to what's started out and close all the cycles needed to keep moving on.

Cheers, JMB :)

Monday, July 22, 2013


Well, we are five now. Our all-time friend Gigi adopt us, so we have a bass player after all the odds in the way, so now we started rehearse the way it must be done... Now we are focusing on the music itself, which is healthy and good, and start improving the areas in which we overplayed before, so the next demos we record probably will sound as originally were intended to. Really we are living an incredible time by doing this "therapy" as our guitar player Fernando said, and also getting the real way into new seas of fresh newborn music universes, the travel is just starting up...

Cheers for everyone, see you on cyberspace! ;)

P.D.: Here I left one pic with the guys (except me)


Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 2013

After a series of failed attempts to engage in a new job, I move forward with the band, and finally get a drummer, a good friend of mine joined the band this month,  with lots of enthusiasm and energy. He's in his return to music, like me, and luckily was able to get a good piece of musical equipment so just have our first rehearsal yesterday, we are all happy and strong energy is flowing between us all. So what we do in the next steps will be done in a more easily and appropriately way; I left a meeting photo below.
All the best from here, see you soon :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 2013

Actually we are having a great time with the band, "Point of No return Zone", we are finishing the arrangement process, recorded some videos and editing. If we are lucky, we catch a rehearsal room in the northern zone of great B.A., the idea is not to loose our sound when moving, so we are managing all the spects on the physical details involved, also a way to be practical once on the road... In the other hand I'm still without a regular income, so I'm researching all the time I can a day in order to get some relief from the present situation...
I left a pic of the actual formation of the band...
Cheers :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year

Rehearsing more than ever, without a job, thanks God we have no credits or any other bank relationship, doing at last in poverty what we intended at first... Anyway, it is going the way it was thought to go, for one time. So we are now just three, I think this is enough to make the noise required to my music, later we go to take out from the hat some other people that should be necessary to the rest of the circus... We are really having a good time now, I only expect to cancel the only debt I have with one friend of mine, so we can start our way to the shows quick!

Cheers! :)