Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th, 2014

Well, good news on the horizon: We replace the .com site for a .tk, from which we trigger (when avalible) the .com site. We are working on a entire redesign for the .com site, which will be dedicated only for commercial matters, it means that we left the old site and its content in the now available . tk site, which can be accesed right form here through the link in the upper right. This way this blog is entirely functional with the site, as it was in the past, and we start to write updates in a more regular way, just as we did before, here.

On the music side, we are still working with the demo for the band, and soon a BancCamp profile will be available for hear and download the music, we are now in collaboration with more people in order to do this, which is a new step in our way to promote our music, and it helps in closing gaps between the composing and rehearsal stage in which we are actually and the band's live presentations and perfomances.

Anyway the site also will be updated, as well as time and economy stays in our side, we try to improve it as much as we can, so we try to provide more multimedia for a better experience and more gemeral browser compatibility, we try to make it work right on any one of them, actually it has some lacks on certain browsers, due to the fact that it was wrtitten in just plain html and doesn't have any css or java (we reduce javascript to the minimum on purpose), maybe flash will help for that in the future...

Well, it's all by now, see you soon and have a happy october! :)

Puppy & the kittens :)