Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mid-May 2016

Hi everyone,
These passed times I was getting a kind of war with the surround situation, life is not easy here. Anyway I managed to keep working with music, two more tracks were added to the Guitar Works preview, after all this time the "framework" of the album probably ends in nine tracks, eight of them are already finished in the compositional stage,
I left a last one to finish later, just to keep things fresh enough :) . If things go right, I would add two more tracks to the recorded set before mid year, so those interested keep in tune, specially at the facebook page, which by the moment is the place were I am posting first...

If we are lucky enough, things began to slowly move forward this time, when you reach the rock bottom then you have where to kick to change direction towards the surface and then stay afloat...
Best regards from B.A.,

Puppy  ;)

P.D.: Last march my cat Rita passed away, in an unexpected complication after a surgery. At home we're deeply saddened for her depart, we know she's in cat's heaven now... My present work would be dedicated to her. I left a pic from the times she was 4/5 months old, she lived 2 years but this one is pretty nice, she was in company of her human mother, Karina Flowers.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

P. D. 2: As well as I continue uploading tracks to my SoundCloud profile, automatically they will appear in the preview of the previous post, so you can hear directly from this blog without the need to change the page. I hope you enjoy it, cheers :)