Monday, January 11, 2010

... About the music

Currently I'm working on several pieces, some of them using already recorded material from the past, and also I left space for brand new compositions. I usually think very much in the ASDR scheme of the sound, because one of my music theories led me to use the form of the main timbre as a part of the morphology of the musical works.

It means that I not always use the common A-B-A or A-B-A-C-A idea for song structure, I like to think of the works as "flows" of sound, that I intend to redirect to the heart. Because after all, at least to me, no matter we hear the sounds with the head, finally the real listener lies there.

In the technical side, I use keyboards with synthesis and sampling programmed exclusively by me, and electric guitar in a stereo set with which I do most of the works, with a lot of signal processing; almost the same treatment that I do with the keyboards. From time to time I change for acoustic sounds, generally in duo or trio with my brothers and friends, and also I add some tuned and untuned percussion where needed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

... And here comes the first one: Format issues

anyone that visit the site now maybe notice that I put "None of Puppy's albums can be found on xTunes". This is because actually I am against Low-Fi, I don't like the quality of legal or illegal downloads, so for the moment, and for a long (I think) period of time, as well as my music comes out, it only could be available in physical format, (it means) cd or vinyl pressings.

I think that people deserves the best audio quality possible to be produced. The market only goes to where the company's owners wish to end, and that is their swiss bank accounts, not the final consumer ears. We are talking about music, not yellow press newspapers that could be used as "toilette" paper. This is, if you like, a statement.

Musicians, producers and sound engineers works very hard to have the final mix. And a lot of money is wasted on the recording process... So, why to transform an (i.e.) U$S 20.000 production into a U$S 0.10 value? When music is recorded, the intention is to meet the highest quality standards, so it haven't any common sense to destroy that just for some people misguiding about audio (and good taste)!

At least by now I have not found a reliable (in quality) way of legal download that satisfy my requirements, so we (my producing team) do that way. I hope the delays in putting the music out could be reduced as much as we can.

Cheers! :)


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