Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1st., 2014

Hi everybody,

Eleven months passed since my last post here. I wasn't writing because I redirect all my news to my wordpress blog ( ), which is in spanish, and the music pages on Facebook (the ones for Puppy Bordiga and Zona del Punto sin Retorno).

I originally intended the use of this one as an extension of my website ( ), which is actually offline, and more or less since then (I mean my last post) I left it inactive, even I almost forgot Blogger... Great mistake! lots of things happens here, despite if one is involved on that or not.
I am evaluating the possibility of changing the language here into spanish too, and put this one in sync with the other blog, because I have not a certain date to the reload of the site, it was originally planned for September, but it depends on too much external factors to have the sureness for count with it.

The overall idea of the blog was always to interact with anyone interested in my music projects and also for general exchange of ideas, making appropiate use of the enormous Google advantages of having all the web services in one place, i.e.: if you look something that you like here, you can go to Google+ and start a hangout there, and viceversa, the same for myself...
So due to the generic use of the blog, I think it's time to say a few words on me:
I am now 54, so I'm not a child, the following lines are just to make clear to everybody how things are going on and put some light on certain matters...

My personal life can't be more complicated than in present days, it's a fact that only a few of my very close friends and my family knows, everything that any other person thinks that knows and/or speak about it outside that group is just gossip. But I'm decided long time ago to make the necessary efforts to keep the projects alive and afloat, despite the stupid ideas that some people may have about them.
Probably all that gossip starts on the generalized idea that most people have about each other: Once they have one person labeled on a task or job they can't change their minds for including that person doing something else, no matter that "new" habilty in fact were always there in the background or in a second stage.

The real thing is that I have to do everything in my knowledge to survive, from PC repairs and other IT jobs to let go some of my personal stuff, including to sell things that I've recollected through the years, things that finally and already do its part in my past...
Until the end of 2012 I use to have a certain normality in my way of life, and because of that most people still thinks that I am on a more relaxed position, but for their knowledge: I was never rich, things or money never overflow in my life... If I learn something from my elders was to carry on an attitude in life that enhace harmony and dignity, and maybe that makes some confusion in their minds.

Anyway, this state of things is not endless. At the same time that I do my best for the day-by-day living, also I am (together with other 40 persons and their families) in the list of a compensation for the time worked at the factory, where I used to have my former employment, once the bankruptcy trial has ended, and since I was 21 years there it's not a small number...
As I'm not
alone in my music efforts, and things are moving so fast now, if that number comes on, it will not change me, I mean my mind, or my way of life, or the scope of my views, it just will be a hand to settle all the projects and have some rest at last, just that.

Now a little on the music:
I'm glad to say that I'm actually in one of the best creative moments I ever had! No matter that in my band now we are four since my partner and fellow guitarrist Fernando is no longer in the band, his departure generates the opposite effect than in most of musical groups, the fact that we were forced to re-arrange all the music for the new quartet fomation was the trigger of a chain of  wonderful developments in the remaing members, to the point that I can seriously say that a new band is out!

Check for news (in spanish) in the wordpress blog, through the link included above, we are totally excited about what's coming out in the rehearsals, and nowadays we are working in our first "definitive edition" demo, so we're expecting to hit the road for middle September, if things go the right way...

I hope this message as long (a little compensation for the time spent out), will give the potential (or not)  readers an accurate image of the past, present and upcoming events in this small world.
For those interested in the music projects I left the next links so you can enjoy our published material to the date:

For Puppy Bordiga:
For Zona del Punto Sin Retorno (Point of No Return Zone):

Well, I think is all by now, wish you the best, peace and love for everybody ;)

P.D.: Down here I left a pic from the past summer in my garden with my kittens Quick and Sioux.


P.D.2: Everybody is welcomed to make comments or speak out about the matters on this post or whatever you like, I'm trying to make this a more dynamic place... Just remember, use the "all in one" features of Google, hope I'll see some of you in a forthcoming hangout! ;)