Saturday, November 17, 2018

November 2018

Hello everyone,

We have an issue with our hosting, so our website is offline right now. We try to find a solution for this as soon as we can. Meanwhile, good things also happen, we have a good reception to our last work, and at this time we're working on the next, with publication date around end of the year. This new album would be something less processed than previous works, not entirely unplugged, but with a simpler (not only acoustic) approach.

Also a new item for Mixcloud is being prepared, with a demo version of an old piece, that belongs to an already planned album called "Worlds of Water". This album would be a mix between old recordings made on analog from the 90's and new music. Publishing date for this one is planned for january/february 2019.

Locally things go as always, we try to survive doing any kind of tasks, but trying to make room to make music as much as we can. I hope all of you are doing well,

sse you soon :)


P.D.: Remember, you can find my music here:

Friday, August 3, 2018

August 2018

Hi all!
Well, some time has passed since the last post. At this time, in the refered to the music, we have recently released five Albums, a Maxi and rescued on the track of the German compilation Midnight Radio on Bandcamp. All this was possible thanks not only to my personal dedication in the matter, also thanks to all those who are always helping and in my musical work, and also to the effort made by many friends and family in the past, which has come to our days
In the scope of our Studio/Mastering Lab we have been able to close the gaps that were previously imposed by some techniclal handicaps, matter to us today. thanks to the incorporation of new technology that at this moment we are putting in tune to start working with a little more flexibility and naturality. This also allows us to not only work better in our music, but also offer services in better conditions and with greater agility.
In the remainder of the year, we will continue to do our IT coverage service for those who request it, so we will also be available to produce for third parties and offer consulting to orientate in the field of musical production to those who require it.
As you will have noticed our NetLabel Solar Ship Records some time ago began to publish works of our friend Patricio Migliazzo through our YouTube channel, in a dedicated playlist, we will see more things and maybe more artists associated to the label in the time to come. Also soon S.S.R. it will have its own space outside of Facebook, and the same will happen with the Enterprise Sounds Lab.
The publication of the band of the Band Zona del Punto Sin Retorno in Bandcamp is still delayed, but it is only a question of little time, until we finish again the whole team here to be able to realize the final masterings of the tracks of the band.
For the rest, we will continue to surviving the current state of things of society as best as possible to continue being productive and continue to make projects a reality as they should be.

Without more, see you next time, greetings to all and thanks for always being there.
Puppy ☺

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 2018

Hello everyone,

Things kept going, and we already have our second album in the Bandcamp. In these days that follow we will see the reopening of our Study / Mastering Lab, more new collaborations with our friend and colleague Patricio Migliazzo, to whom we gave a special space on our YouTube channel through a dedicated playlist.
This year we will be prolific in the music, since we will also publish the works that were in Demo format in the Mixcloud, plus a couple of things that were already finished but not yet published.
As for the band, there is also the project to open their own Bandcamp, we are leaving that for when the studio is fully installed so we leave all the material mastered, so that it can be downloaded in high quality.
Personally there are not many new features, this year I may take a few days of vacations after more than a decade, as they will have read on Facebook, our cat Griselda had to be operate in her tail for an accident ...
The current situation in which we live in our country is not pleasant, but I have faith in the people. It is the only variable that neither the economy nor the policy can change, and I hope that among all of us we will go ahead, each one contributing his bit from his daily work.

Greetings to all :)

Monday, November 13, 2017

November 13th Update

Just a few words about these present times :)

Finally our Bandcamp is open, our music is finally published. This generates a good wave of positive comments all around, and have a really good reception. Also we do a new technical collaboration with Patricio Migliazzo, named "7 Preludios (Piano Solo)" (you can find it at our YouTube channel: It seems that things in the music field are beginning to enhace its rhythm finally.
The local economy, however, still makes no sign of changes in a perspective view. As we are planning to produce more music for publishing before year's end, anyway we have some reserved optimism... Our land do not cease of surprising us with bad news for the average local inhabitant, maybe we are among the most taxed countries in the world...
If things go right, and the actual impulse through our Bandcamp keeps on, probably we are able to made some long time planned improvements to our studio and instrumentation (fingers crossed).
In a personal plane, I'm still recovering from my hand injury, this is maybe what slows the most the making of new music, but I'm doing my best effort to overcome the present handicap... Patience, and more patience. As confucius said: "Patience is the mother of Wisdom". So we're aplying it to the daily life...

That was, in short, by now. I left a link to our new portal in the Bandcamp (it is also in our Merchandise page), so you can be able to listen and/or download our music:

As always, thanks to be there,
see us in the cyberspace, cheers! :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October 2017

Hi everyone,

A lot of time passed again since my last post. This year my life was in a very complited situation since I was injuerd in my right hand by late february. Since then I was forced to stop almost everything that i use to do in a daily basis. Also, my mother pass away at the end of march, what was a kind of earthquake to the family.
In the music field, as well as I began to recover some movility in my hand I start continuing the works that were delayed, and preparing to resync all te data of my networks, including uploads, website upgrades and some other tasks pending.
Thanks God some good news also happen, like my collaboation with Cousin Silas, and the opening of a new space for holding my music in Hear This! with some new material. In the studio side, after a long time, a video work for my friend Patricio Migliazzo was done, with great impact. Also, one of my uncles has the kindness of making a gift in the form of a digital piano, which extends my studio capabilities and also help me with my hand recovery.
If everything keeps the actual direction, probably my so announciated Bandcamp opening will be true in a short time now, and music projects will shorten its release time.
It was a kind of devastating year so far, and I'm really can't predict the future, but I start see some light at the end of it. We at home are still keeping a very spartan way of life, so I think that all the efforts that we were making for having some success in moving our music can have a good end this time.
Well, a final line just to say thank you to all of you that are always supporting me and my projects, from wherever you are, my sincere gratitude from my heart.

See you soon,
Puppy :)
                                                     My Mom smiling when entering home, a time ago... :)

P.D.: I always write with the (unconscious) idea of having a more or less decent english vocabulary or grammar. If you find any  inconsistency, please let know and I will change whatever is necessary. thanks a lot :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 2016

Spring came,
And there is little left for the summer. Today is 15, one quite heavy day in Buenos Aires, since he is undecided between rain and sunrise. Life lately has been rare, the social environment is strange, everything expensive, and everything is more and more linked to the networks than ever, but to conservatives as always they do not like to see it like this, and to top it off, in the U.S. elections won the republicans, with the media and global tsunami that was expected if this happened.
Personally, in the field of music I could to come up with some ideas that I had been bringing for some time now, I could publish my works, both Guitar Works like Life Impressions, at least in Demo mode, thanks to the opening of my account in Mixcloud, where I will surely add more new material. It is ideal to show things since it has no time limit, although it does not accept albums or loose themes, so although it is a little extra work, I am generating the Mixes to upload then there.
I also posted new material, which will grow, since I'm trying to take advantage of my current creative situation, even if I do not have all the resources I want available, prior to the next expansion of my home studio, for which little time remains. There are also in Mixcloud a monetization mode that I have not yet activated, is something that surely I will do these days, since I want have more time and peace of mind to do so.In terms of daily life, we are managing in the most spartan way possible at home, trying to fill some deficiencies with creativity as far as can, sometimes times have to be extended, other times recycling things, I'm cool because I know that we are putting the best of each one.
Our friend Roberto Sampere, who was part of the home team for more than ten years, there's a time now that he does not live with us, but he manages himself to visit us and collaborate with something, whether it be the house or level info on techno that we use usually at home, as well as with his expert photographic eye.
Life continues to flow and we try to adapt to all necessary changes so that continue to advance and grow.

I do not know when I'll be back in these sites, but for you maybe I'm late, I wish everyone to spend some good and happy Christmas and New Year, and that the prosperity reach us all,

Sincerely from my heart,
Puppy B.

Friday, June 3, 2016

June 2016

Hi everybody,
Winter is coming soon as well as my birthday, by this date we upgraded the site and the SoundCloud page, also there is some more music to upload, in which I'm working. I am trying to complete the set of pieces for Guitar Works so I can move with the material closer to the live experience in the next months, anyway we are still fighting some issues at home like the economy and the lack of a decent working space and others, but I'm managing the situation way to minimize all that issues and keep myself in a productive status.
I have to thank to all my friends and relatives for their support, this year started complcated and it still is, but we're not giving up to the external conditions, fortunately some new things are happening, like the possibility of an acoustic set of my music, and in short time the opening of my BandCamp; this and other little daily good things are giving us a certain hope for the time to come, some light appears on the horizon at last.
Another couple of acknoledgements should be done, as you can see in the site, we have been mentioned and posted by ArtistTtrove, and also posted by a great musician like Cousin Silas, no more no less; so guys, many many thanks from my heart :)
We (me and the people who are helping me in my projects) will continue seeding the work, so we can, if things go right, harvest those efforts in the next future.
Blessings and we are in touch, best regards from B.A.,
Cheers! :)