Saturday, September 14, 2019

Are We in the Titanic or the Yamato?

Hello everyone,
It is not my custom to talk about politics or religion, but this time I will make a slight exception given the active status of our beloved country.

In these months that have passed, as far as the local reality of Argenland is concerned, everything gradually fell apart, until the PASO elections detonated a situation that was already unsustainable.
We are currently trying to survive the anxiety in which the economy has plunged, which has finally finished destroying thousands of projects that so many people (including us) had to get ahead even with the crisis that began last year.
I only hope that those who follow take advice from those who know most about economic matters, and for a change, leave the comfort of their slogans and really make the structural changes in political matters that are needed right now and that have already been successfully applied in other countries of the region, so that we can get off the endless carousel that we have been subjected to for decades.

Changing the subject, in the world of music, I could publish several more works since my last post, the album “Dances on Heavenly Grounds”, which has a more calm and meditative orientation than the previous ones, and “Engrave” a collaboration with our friend Eisenlager, which would be the other side of the coin of my album "Walking the Way", much freer and more complete.
At the moment I am preparing my next album, to be called “Voices of Distant Stars” with some collaborations of other artists on some tracks, it is a work that was coceived around the different possibilities of vocal timbres. Below I leave a preview of one of the parts, in a preliminary version.

With the band Zona del Punto sin Retorno we have released a new album, "El Tercer viaje" (The Third Journey) recorded live, as if to give some testimony of the group and individual evolution in recent times. There is also material in process to publish from an intermediate stage, including sessions with guests such as Dario Goggia and Javier Pajarola, still awaiting for editing and/or  mastering.

As some already know, on the 5th of this month, our dear cat and buddy "Quick", went to the stars, it has left us with a broken heart. But as if this were not enough, just four days later we learned that an important member of the Community of ambient musicians, Candy Lozier, a beautiful person, who has helped us many in one way or another, has also gone to eternity. At this moment an album is being prepared in tribute, “A Last Sunset - A Celebration Of Candy Lozier”, in which we participate. At bottom of this entry we leave links to her Bandcamps.

I would like to overflow with optimism and say that we will continue at full steam with musical productions, but the current situation has us all in a state of permanent alertness and with the prospect of having to continue making more sacrifices just to survive.
I estimate that the upcoming October elections will define whether we are in the Titanic, with a mortal wound, or if we are in the Yamato, who at least died fighting it..     
         The RMS Titanic
The Yamato
And of course, if politicians leave their ego aside for once in history, we may be successful in this test of destiny and change the paradigm once and for all.

Puppy Bordiga

Candy Lozier links:
Studio 4632:
Candy L:

Monday, May 13, 2019

Middle March 2019

Hi everyone,

In the music field, lots of music were added to our Bandcamp these days since our last post, the last one was published today, "August Perseids" (a single), a collaboration with Glenn Sogge, a great and talented musician, for his project "Impact of Dust". More stuff is ongoing, so this period is undoubtedly marked by the productivity.

Previously we do a collaboration album together with Eisenlager, another talented musician, and more are on the way. Also we do "Somewhere at the Quadrant's Edge", a single, which thematic probably have an influence in other jobs to come, later we publish "Walking the Way", a  recollection of my collaborations along time, with the presence of Cousin Silas and Wilfried Hamrath, and "First Expeditions", my last solo album, an homage to Sci-Fi, for the inspiration and different perpectives it gives about the future.

We also are working in the mastering of the sessions done with my band, Zona del Punto sin Retorno, at the beginning of this year. Soon there will be more news about it.

In a personal level, now here in B.A. we enter in autumn, so we hope things improve as well as we get closer to the winter, we already had enough bad winters locally. We are doing as most as we can in order to keep this productive level and stay afloat of the sea of problems that we face as a daily basis here in Argenland.

Remember to check my Bandcamp for my music (first link to the right), as well as other interesting links, including the Zona del Punto sin Retorno's blog and Bandcamp, and others.


Puppy Bordiga

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March 2019

Hi all,

Well, we have now a new album published (link at bottom of this post), with the collaboration of Cousin Silas and artwork of Andreas Schwietzke, this one is something that reflects various sides of my music, with some material that was waiting its moment to came out and finally does it.

Next works are on the way, but they still needs time to be released. There are another instrumental  ambient project named "Worlds of Water", a long time prepared one, with some old timer material, and also a solo piano album. Actually there is on its way a collaboration album with other artist too, but I can't disclosure details until things were more advanced.

In other matters, living in the city lately start to become a little daily fight, things are not "cool" in B.A. these days, if you notice that entries in this blog or other things related are delayed at some point, that would be because of that, as anyone else we at home must to prioritize the maintenance of our home, to feed the kittens and ourselves, and everything else related to that, things that nowadays are a hard hill to climb...

This entry was a short one, but it is what we have for now. I hope all of you are well, kicking and alive, my best wishes for everyone, regards,




Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 2019

Hi all,

This post is being made in a rush, we're on the go, first time I post while in middle of a trip to downtown.

We are very happy with all the musical movement that took place at the end of last year, the good reception of my last album, the collaborations that luckily could be made, and that is why we keep betting on the future, even though the day-by-day has the custom to put obstacles in the path.
Currently we redouble the bet and we have more projects underway, more collaborations underway, and soon we will do another upgrade to the micro-studio. 

Also we have added here in this blog the Info & Bio page, and the (actually nearly) All Links page too, that we previously had on our website, for the information of who may be interested.

We hope to have many more news in the time to come, so stay tuned!


P.D.: I leave you here an advance of the forthcoming album, still unnamed:

P.D.2: The blog has been redesigned, hope you like it as it is now. Background pic by Project Genesis (

Saturday, November 17, 2018

November 2018

Hello everyone,

We have an issue with our hosting, so our website is offline right now. We try to find a solution for this as soon as we can. Meanwhile, good things also happen, we have a good reception to our last work, and at this time we're working on the next, with publication date around end of the year. This new album would be something less processed than previous works, not entirely unplugged, but with a simpler (not only acoustic) approach.

Also a new item for Mixcloud is being prepared, with a demo version of an old piece, that belongs to an already planned album called "Worlds of Water". This album would be a mix between old recordings made on analog from the 90's and new music. Publishing date for this one is planned for january/february 2019.

Locally things go as always, we try to survive doing any kind of tasks, but trying to make room to make music as much as we can. I hope all of you are doing well,

see you soon ☺

P.D.: Remember, you can find my music here:

Friday, August 3, 2018

August 2018

Hi all!
Well, some time has passed since the last post. At this time, in the refered to the music, we have recently released five Albums, a Maxi and rescued on the track of the German compilation Midnight Radio on Bandcamp. All this was possible thanks not only to my personal dedication in the matter, also thanks to all those who are always helping and in my musical work, and also to the effort made by many friends and family in the past, which has come to our days

In the scope of our Studio/Mastering Lab we have been able to close the gaps that were previously imposed by some techniclal handicaps, matter to us today. thanks to the incorporation of new technology that at this moment we are putting in tune to start working with a little more flexibility and naturality. This also allows us to not only work better in our music, but also offer services in better conditions and with greater agility.

In the remainder of the year, we will continue to do our IT coverage service for those who request it, so we will also be available to produce for third parties and offer consulting to orientate in the field of musical production to those who require it.

As you will have noticed our NetLabel Solar Ship Records some time ago began to publish works of our friend Patricio Migliazzo through our YouTube channel, in a dedicated playlist, we will see more things and maybe more artists associated to the label in the time to come. Also soon S.S.R. it will have its own space outside of Facebook, and the same will happen with the Enterprise Sounds Lab.

The publication of the band of the Band Zona del Punto Sin Retorno in Bandcamp is still delayed, but it is only a question of little time, until we finish again the whole team here to be able to realize the final masterings of the tracks of the band.

For the rest, we will continue to surviving the current state of things of society as best as possible to continue being productive and continue to make projects a reality as they should be.

Without more, see you next time, greetings to all and thanks for always being there.
Puppy ☺

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 2018

Hello everyone,

Things kept going, and we already have our second album in the Bandcamp. In these days that follow we will see the reopening of our Study / Mastering Lab, more new collaborations with our friend and colleague Patricio Migliazzo, to whom we gave a special space on our YouTube channel through a dedicated playlist.

This year we will be prolific in the music, since we will also publish the works that were in Demo format in the Mixcloud, plus a couple of things that were already finished but not yet published.
As for the band, there is also the project to open their own Bandcamp, we are leaving that for when the studio is fully installed so we leave all the material mastered, so that it can be downloaded in high quality.

Personally there are not many new features, this year I may take a few days of vacations after more than a decade, as they will have read on Facebook, our cat Griselda had to be operate in her tail for an accident ...

The current situation in which we live in our country is not pleasant, but I have faith in the people. It is the only variable that neither the economy nor the policy can change, and I hope that among all of us we will go ahead, each one contributing his bit from his daily work.

Greetings to all :)