Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Is a matter that we can't avoid.
I'm trying to make music anytime I can, but everytime it seems that something else has a higher priority... Actually I'm in the middle of my holydays, have bad luck with one of my teeth, and was forced to spend a lot of time to recover my health, but now I'm back again...
I hope that I can do something good with music in the remaining time, I finally ended my diagnostic on my setup, witch is no good to my desired settings... I have some things to sell now, in order to reorganize it, and putting it in a productive way. Meanwhile I'm trying to get some sound out of it, just to complete things in music and stuff.
It means a delay in publish my music? Yes. But probably now I can set things more straight after that, and have the right sound equations on its place... I don't do simple things, always I try to found new sounds and the broadest palettte of colours available, so I can paint the music as I wish and need.
Also I try to be able to switch between different live music situations, I mean, do symphonic things with the guitar and when needed change to a setup that can puts me right to play in a power trio without the need to switch on/off a dozen of pedals...
Actually I'm working hard on that, I hope I can be able to hit the road with my friends as soon as I can...

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