Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, we start pretty good the year, have a new guitar, a new situation at my job, and possitive things happening all around... I manage myself in order to make more instrument practice, I hope I can be able to record something soon, unfortunally have an inconvinience with my actual hardware, so I'm looking forward for a decent sound card, so I can put on record again my sound system.
It's strange when you put all your energy on something, it seems that not always you can get some feedback of the world... Maybe there's still some friction with someone or something in the system that does not allow you to reach the things you need in the desired time or place... What it could be?
Maybe too much hacking all around...? Who knows, but I think about it that no one have the right to stop or put the pause button on everyone else's evolution... No matter what it could be, it's not a grace to be freaked by aliens into our(s) own self developing path...
...And I'm not talking only about web technology, a lot of people lives more than the half of a day only seeing the way to move their influences over you, or whatever they want to be controlled... Just to satisfy their short-view degree of consciousness. What a pity, isn't it?
Brothers & Sisters: Keep the spirit alive! Don't put a coin of energy on that!
See you soon :) Puppy

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