Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 2016

Spring came,
And there is little left for the summer. Today is 15, one quite heavy day in Buenos Aires, since he is undecided between rain and sunrise. Life lately has been rare, the social environment is strange, everything expensive, and everything is more and more linked to the networks than ever, but to conservatives as always they do not like to see it like this, and to top it off, in the U.S. elections won the republicans, with the media and global tsunami that was expected if this happened.

Personally, in the field of music I could to come up with some ideas that I had been bringing for some time now, I could publish my works, both Guitar Works like Life Impressions, at least in Demo mode, thanks to the opening of my account in Mixcloud, where I will surely add more new material. It is ideal to show things since it has no time limit, although it does not accept albums or loose themes, so although it is a little extra work, I am generating the Mixes to upload then there.

I also posted new material, which will grow, since I'm trying to take advantage of my current creative situation, even if I do not have all the resources I want available, prior to the next expansion of my home studio, for which little time remains. There are also in Mixcloud a monetization mode that I have not yet activated, is something that surely I will do these days, since I want have more time and peace of mind to do so.In terms of daily life, we are managing in the most spartan way possible at home, trying to fill some deficiencies with creativity as far as can, sometimes times have to be extended, other times recycling things, I'm cool because I know that we are putting the best of each one.

Our friend Roberto Sampere, who was part of the home team for more than ten years, there's a time now that he does not live with us, but he manages himself to visit us and collaborate with something, whether it be the house or level info on techno that we use usually at home, as well as with his expert photographic eye.
Life continues to flow and we try to adapt to all necessary changes so that continue to advance and grow.

I do not know when I'll be back in these sites, but for you maybe I'm late, I wish everyone to spend some good and happy Christmas and New Year, and that the prosperity reach us all,

Sincerely from my heart,
Puppy B.

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