Friday, June 3, 2016

June 2016

Hi everybody,
Winter is coming soon as well as my birthday, by this date we upgraded the site and the SoundCloud page, also there is some more music to upload, in which I'm working. I am trying to complete the set of pieces for Guitar Works so I can move with the material closer to the live experience in the next months, anyway we are still fighting some issues at home like the economy and the lack of a decent working space and others, but I'm managing the situation way to minimize all that issues and keep myself in a productive status.

I have to thank to all my friends and relatives for their support, this year started complcated and it still is, but we're not giving up to the external conditions, fortunately some new things are happening, like the possibility of an acoustic set of my music, and in short time the opening of my BandCamp; this and other little daily good things are giving us a certain hope for the time to come, some light appears on the horizon at last.

Another couple of acknoledgements should be done, as you can see in the site, we have been mentioned and posted by ArtistTtrove, and also posted by a great musician like Cousin Silas, no more no less; so guys, many many thanks from my heart :)
We (me and the people who are helping me in my projects) will continue seeding the work, so we can, if things go right, harvest those efforts in the next future.
Blessings and we are in touch, best regards from B.A.,

Cheers! :)

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