Friday, August 3, 2018

August 2018

Hi all!
Well, some time has passed since the last post. At this time, in the refered to the music, we have recently released five Albums, a Maxi and rescued on the track of the German compilation Midnight Radio on Bandcamp. All this was possible thanks not only to my personal dedication in the matter, also thanks to all those who are always helping and in my musical work, and also to the effort made by many friends and family in the past, which has come to our days

In the scope of our Studio/Mastering Lab we have been able to close the gaps that were previously imposed by some techniclal handicaps, matter to us today. thanks to the incorporation of new technology that at this moment we are putting in tune to start working with a little more flexibility and naturality. This also allows us to not only work better in our music, but also offer services in better conditions and with greater agility.

In the remainder of the year, we will continue to do our IT coverage service for those who request it, so we will also be available to produce for third parties and offer consulting to orientate in the field of musical production to those who require it.

As you will have noticed our NetLabel Solar Ship Records some time ago began to publish works of our friend Patricio Migliazzo through our YouTube channel, in a dedicated playlist, we will see more things and maybe more artists associated to the label in the time to come. Also soon S.S.R. it will have its own space outside of Facebook, and the same will happen with the Enterprise Sounds Lab.

The publication of the band of the Band Zona del Punto Sin Retorno in Bandcamp is still delayed, but it is only a question of little time, until we finish again the whole team here to be able to realize the final masterings of the tracks of the band.

For the rest, we will continue to surviving the current state of things of society as best as possible to continue being productive and continue to make projects a reality as they should be.

Without more, see you next time, greetings to all and thanks for always being there.
Puppy ☺

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